mardi 8 juin 2010

New Governance: The Answer to the Challenges Posed by Demographic Change in Europe

The EU as a whole is confronted with the consequences of its ageing population and demographic decline in the long term, while individual member states are confronted with the consequences of the most severe financial and economic crisis in 80 years, as well as with increasing competition, notably from the US. The huge debt levels of member states (88 % of the European GDP in 2010, and exceeding 100% within 10 years), must also not be forgotten, nor the reactions they generate – a lack of trust from investors and lenders. The impact of demographic change is especially notable in the fields of health services and pensions, and also raises the question of our attitude towards immigration.

For Alternative Libérale, solutions must be sought for new approaches in the fields of health care, insurance and pension scheme systems as well as for a liberating approach to work through the adoption of a renewed model of education and in the definition of targeted and accepted immigration.

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