vendredi 23 avril 2010

Fingers crossed for Nick Clegg - Communiqué d'Alternative Libérale

In a fortnight, general election is going to be held in the UK. The campaign is one of the tightest in decades. During the UK's first prime ministerial TV debate, Nick Clegg, Lib Dem leader, did well according to his competitors, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Tory leader, David Cameron.

Alternative Liberale would like to send to Nick Clegg its warm congratulations for his performance during the first debate and its strong support for the second debate that will be on air tonight.
Alternative Liberale hopes that favourable polls will turn out into votes on May 6th. The hopes of the French liberals lay on the Lib Dem’s and Nick Clegg to demonstrate the validity and the effectiveness of a true liberal agenda on issues such as budget deficit, reform of institutions, economy, and immigration. No doubt that such a strong upholder on true authentic liberal values will bring the Lib Dems in the next government.
After the great results held by the ELDR and the FDP and the promising results of the Lib Dems, Liberalism is back on the front of the European political field .. Let's hope that the French government will not stay deaf to this message and finally engage the liberal reforms most needed in our country.


Alternative Libérale :
Launched in March 2006 Alternative Liberale attracts more than 1.500 members so far. The French liberal party had been able to put forward forty candidates for 2007 general election. In 2009 European elections, Alternative Liberale was present in 5 out of 7 metropolitan constituencies.

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Louis-Marie Bachelot

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